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Beauty Lassie

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Apr 26, 2012
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Was looking into the LVL lashes but by the time i add the kit and travel costs to the trainning fee its a lot of money and time i dont have at the moment.

I noticed a thread on here about i-appeal lashes so i think i will go with them, dose anyone know if you can also tint the lashes during this traetment?

Thanks x
Yes you can tint the lashes whilst they are still on the shield. It's more or less the same treatment as LVL and if you have a perming qualification then you won't need to do a separate course for iappeal.
Thank you angelina was just unsure if you could do both at the same time, Do you offer this treatment and if so do you enjoy doing it?

Just spoke to the area manager Roz on the phone who was lovely, she is getting back to me with the next available traning date, but it will take place in perth no glasgow.
I do LVL and it's one of my favourite treatments. The results are amazing and clients love it.
I call it my 'Oh my God' treatment cos that's what clients usually say when I hand them the mirror afterwards.
If you look in my albums there are lots of before and after pics.

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