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Apr 5, 2004
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I went to meet a friend of mine last night, and i had done a set one her a week ago. When i looked at her nails they where all gone. She said that two of them broke off and then lifting started ocorring on the others and then she picked them off. I could understand that she might have problems, since she is a nail bitter, has very small nail plates and had lots of pterigyum. But i said to her soo many times. "If you have any problem whatsoever, please call me, if you fell your no adjusting to your new nails, and want to remove them, come and see me".
This is the 2nd time a simlar thing happens to me, another friend of mine did exacly the same thing. Their nail looked so good when they left.. And i also do mine and haven't got any problem yet.. What can i be doing wrong?
i think the only thing you're doing wrong at the mo is picking clients that aren't necessarily suitable.
how long have you been trained at have you done any advanced courses ie in how to deal with problem nails?
if you have trained within the last 12 months & u haven't had specific training in problem nails, then i would suggest you leave well alone the nail bitters.
during a foundation course we suggest strongly that bitten nails, along with some other problems, are contra-indicated until u've had the advanced training required to deal with them.
some people are luck enough to have a very good friend who's a nail bitter, & will let them continually practise on them untill u find a way to make them stay on!
however, compare what you r doing to when you pass your driving test.
would you offer to take someone out in your car, the day u pass your test, that you know will prove difficult & dent your confidence with their insensitive comments.
or, think of it this way.. would you apply for a job couriouring around london in the rush hour just after passing your test?
learning how to do nails is the 1st step.
gaining experience & confidence is just as important.
considering that the training is available to help you gain this confidence, don't punish yourself by struggling along without it
liza xx
Nail biters are the worst! I too ended up doing 3 nail biters within days of passing my exams. They were horrible to do and hated doing them as really didn't feel i knew enough. Thankfully this site helped me tremendously, but i feel that they were beyond my knowledge.

After doing alot more studying i only feel now okay to do with most nail biters. As was said in the previous thread, nail biters are considered an advanced nail technique as some have awful short nail beds and weird looking nails, whats left of them anyway.

I did a client ages ago that as she'd bitten her naisl so far down, she actually had a bit of a free edge half way up the nail bed. I couldn't seem to get rid of it and ended up with a white line going across every finger nail. Had i done my advanced training then i would have known to use aN opaque powder which covers this up and elongates the nail bed for you, finishing the nail off lovely.

It does take time to learn even half of what you need to know, so don't give up, stick with it and you'll succeed.
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