I need help with opalescent blending for nail art.


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Jun 16, 2010
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I am not sure what opalescent blending is.I'm doing a nail art course and i'm not too sure what it is.Can someone please help me
Is this the same as marbling?
I didn't have to do this in my nail art section for my NVQ, but I've just had a look through one of the textbooks I bought (Nail Artistry by Jacqui Jefford, Sue Marsh & Anne Swain) and there is a design and how-to of opalesccent blending.

It appears they have applied a dark base colour and used opalescent paints with a fan brush to create a beach like scene up the nail. Using the fan brush with sweeping strokes across the nail. Repeat using another colour slightly above the first colour, moving up to a third colour all the way to the top of the nail (if you wish). Picture a beach scene with blue water and sandy shores.

There is a technical tip stating the less paint you use the more opalescent the finish.

Opalescent Blend is created by using opalescent paints.. the amount of paints u will need to use will depend on the assessment in your course.

what you need are
a fan brush
opalescent paints
base coat
colour polish
orangewood sticks
paint tray

apply ur base coat in the usual manner, when dry apply a coat of polish and wait until dry.
then use a orangewood stick to take a small amount of paint out of the jar. Lift your fan brush and gently dip the ends through the paint. Then place the fan brush at the edge of the nail and drag across to the other side, so you have a line affect up the nail. Using another colour of paint do the same. but try not to blend the 2 colours together, it is more effective if you can see the 2 colours seperately. when dry apply topcoat to seal.

Hope this helps.
I have a page on my website that is dedicatde to opalecents have a look , hope the info is helpfull let me know x Marbling & Opalescents

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