i send photo ruth mayb she can put photo 4 mui


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

I not come geek now i go away because i before i bangkok and in bkk have 3 shop for make nail .

have 1 shop 2 man them work them do nail art many not acrylic many and shop them very nice and have 1 shop have 1 lady she not good heart i go long way see her many hour with bus to see her shop and she tell me i can not look in shop i not customer but no problem and i go 1 shop lady she very good heart learn nail america and now i go sit her shop 15 day she show me nail she learn in america i go in 2 day more come back next month i go with young sister .

my mama come take care baby and my brother him take care my shop if my shop do nail i want good shop not same some people no good .

I send photo ruth mayb she can put photo baby and 1 me .

I hope you have happy kop khun ka mui
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