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Apr 27, 2014
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I had a new client last night who wanted me to apply her own 'ibd just gel polish'. As I only use Gelish products I did manage to persuade her to have mine. The colour she had is not available in gelish and she has asked me to find out if I could use ibd with my gelish foundation/ topcoat ( I gave her that as my reason to not use hers as I dont know if it would be compatible). She has booked another appointment so could anyone advise if I could use the products together please?
IBD is compatible with other systems, however it's always preferred to use the same system through the whole treatment to get the best results. I have, in the past, used Gelish with IBD and have had no problems.
Thanks totallynailed x
Gelish advertises that its base and top coats can be used with other brands' color coats. So using it with IBD Just Gel is within manufacturer's instructions - at least Gelish's : ) I use them often with IBD Just Gel and it works very well.

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