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May 31, 2012
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Hi guys I'm just started training and hate when all my hard work is spoiled cause the polish get smugged and chipped cause most of my models have busy lifes and kids. I have found ind uv top coat that I am keen to use as I am just training I don't want to be spending 2 much on a uv lamp at the moment has anyone bought a uv lamp on eBay and if so are they worth i?
Hi There, I did my training 2 years ago, and to begin with I bought my UV light from EBay. It was fine and lasted for ages. In fact it still works, however I don't use it now as I have the CND lamp now as most of my clients have Shellac. Hope this helps 😄
Was it one of the ones with just a 2 min timer on it 36w ? X
It sure was Tracey. Think it was about £20 at the time xx
Thank u that's the ones i was looking at just going to be using it for ibd uv top coat anyway x
It will be perfect to get you started Tracey. Xx
Just used the ibd uv topcoat and lamp on my friend so impressed with shine and how quick it was compared to waiting for top coat to dry

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