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Aug 4, 2013
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I'm hoping to take my other half to Iceland for a short break this year for his 30th.

Has anyone ever been, have any advice on what time of year to go, where to stay?

I'm also interested in Norway, I can't decide which out of the two.

Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thank you!!
Ive been to Norway but not Iceland. I did a week cruise of the Fjords a couple of years ago which included a few day trips too. The country, the people and its scenery are just beautiful. I visited in summer but would love to return when it's colder and to also travel further north. I would definitely recommend Norway :)
Half of my family are Norwegian and I went and stayed with them, and it was some of the most beautiful sights, we went right up into the mountains just after Xmas so the snow was as high as your head in some parts, and I second the lovely people, and food is wonderful, especially the sweets/desserts!
I've been to Iceland, there are some amazing things to do! I would choose carefully when you plan to go, in winter the days are incredibly short (dark until 10am, daylight only until 4pm) which can be really difficult to get used to!
I only went for 3 nights but was very ready to come home, I didn't get to see the Northern Lights and felt cold and sleepy most of the time.
Having said that, the natural spa's are incredible, and some of the scenery is beautiful.
I would just recommend going in Spring when it's slighter warmer and lighter!
My daughter went to Iceland just before Christmas, she stayed in Reykjavik, the church there is amazing and she said you can go to the top and look out (it looks like a rocket) and did other things like pony trekking over the lava fields and of course the amazing Blue Lagoon. The northern lights eluded her though but she loved it and only 2hr25 flight x

Edit to add: she did the whole package plus tours with Icelandair - maybe she was lucky (having read comment below!) but all went without a hitch x
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We have a geek amongst us living in Norway, who may be able to provide you with information.

Send a PM to @min11
Thanks everyone for your replies! So glad to here both places are popular. The hard task will be deciding which one to visit this year!

Thanks again everyone!! X
My friend went to Iceland. Looks and sounds like she had an amazing time.

Apparently don't use Iceland Air (?).
They cancel flights on a whim apparently.

My friend used Iceland Air to get out there. Fine and dandy. But on the way back their was bad weather and Iceland Air cancelled their flight. They could offer them a flight home a week later. But they had work and didn't want to pay for an extra week at the hotel. They found out that literally every other airline was still flying. Just not Iceland Air.

So in the end they used someone else.

But her mum mentioned their predicament to her friend and they said the same happened to them and it's really well known that that company do that a lot.
Ooh that's not good. Thanks Grace_Hair for the advice I'll make to remember that if we book. Xx
I'm going to follow this thread because i'd love to go to both Iceland and Norway[emoji33]
Hey I went to Iceland in Feb last year it's one of the most beautiful I've ever been and got to see northern lights! We stayed at the hotel ranga it was excellent and service and views were absolutely brilliant!
I would definitely go again, it was cold but not as bad as I imagined, as long as you wear base layers it's absolutely fine- you should definitely go and see the beautiful waterfalls and glaciers and we even went ice caving which was incredible! X

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