I'm excited but nervous, what do you know about this?


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Adam Chatterley

On a mission . . .
Mar 18, 2014
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Hi Fellow Geeks,

I have been asked to host/compere the Spa Business Bootcamp event in London on Feb 8th (in just 4 weeks) for which I am very excited, very honoured and also just a little bit nervous . . . . but I hope to channel my inner Dermot O'Leary on the day (fingers crossed)!

However . . . I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I haven't attended this event before and I want to make sure I do a great job so I would appreciate any information you could give me as an unbiased audience?

Have you heard of the event?

Have you been before? ( . . and if so what was it like and what did you think of it)

Are you going? (. . . and if so what are you hoping to get out of the event?)

And most importantly . . . should I wear the blue suit or the grey one?

. . . any sort of feedback you can give me would be incredibly useful?

Many Thanks,

Hey Adam

Never been.
Not going.
Have heard of it.
Blue suit.

Sorry not much help.

Only advice. Don't move your hands excessively. I watch some of these retailing technique videos and in an effort to appear earnest they all wave their flipping arms around, with chopping hands for emphasis. They look like Tony Blair in the 90's.

Watch some of their vids and you'll see what I mean.

Good luck

Vic x
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Never heared of it but congratulations! Ant & dec usually ware blue suits on the telly, so go with the blue ;)
Haha. I said blue because my husband looks as fit as a butchers dog in his blue suit x
Thanks Vic and SurfGirl . . . looks like it is the blue one then! Unfortunately that means I'll need to hit the gym a little more between now and Feb 8th - let's just say the blue suit is a little snug just now. I will keep the arm waving to a minimum too Vic!

Now that the wardrobe is sorted, I would really like to hear from anyone who has been to the event before or is planning on going this year?

Even if you aren't going . . . what do you know about it and if you were going, what would you expect!

I only briefly watched a YouTube clip of it so it looks like a seminar to get your business in shape maybe?? I watched a free salon education video recently where they went over millennium software and memberships and different topics like that, the video was an hour long and I watched the whole thing (very unlike me) I think that he comes across as being one of us, a stylist salon owner rather than a sales person or teacher, how do you think you come across? Do you have experience in what your talking about from the listeners perspective aswell?

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