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Jul 2, 2007
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Isle of Man

At the moment we charge:

£25 infils
£4.00 fix
£40.00 full set
£20 removal
£10 removal if new set being put on

I am finding that some client come for infils with say 4 broken nails so that would be £25 plus £16.00 therefore £41.00 - hence cheaper to have a full new set. I am having problems justifing the price to the clients even though I explain that to have a full new set I would have to remove the exsisting ones at £10 which would of course cost £50.00 altoghter.

Just wondered how everyone else deals with this - or are my prices wrong

Any comments would be appreciated.

My prices are similar for R/B, but I charge £2.50 per repair, and include 1 free repair in a R/B.

A soak off and new set (sculpts) is £40, so they could have upto 7 broken nails before it became a false economy to have them repaired.

If the nails are in that bad condition that to repair would be more expensive than a soak off and new set....then I recommend a soak off and new set!

BTW, I'm mobile so thats why my prices are perhaps slightly lower.
thats interesting
hello girls ... i have leart this past year and that my client base has grown and got better since i had 1 set price because the compition is strong out there now they can get them done else where at a better rate ... ok the product is poor but the clients dont think about that they just see the price ... . i charge £24.50 for 1 colour rebalance
£29.50 for 2 colour rebalnace
all fixes in that price then im still getting the work and a good name and my clients are still happy with the prices ... xxxxx emily xx
i charge £29.50 for a full set, £23.50 for a rebalance and £21.50 for infills. With this comes 2 free replacement nails. I dont charge to soak off my existing nails if replacing with a full set due to the problems you mention. I also sell acetone for customers to soak off their nails so if im unable to fit them in for a soak off and new set, they can soak the nails of themself and then i can fit them in.

I also find that customers who have lost more than 1 or 2 nails are the ones that aren't coming back when they should for an infil/rebalance and trying to make their nails stretch out. You can mostly tell by how much their nail has grown up!

I think I may do that - include to free nails with the infils, it would make life alot easier.:)
Hi Leeann,

"I am finding that some client come for infils with say 4 broken nails so that would be £25 plus £16.00 therefore £41.00 "

If you are charging like this in effect it means that for the broken nails you are in fact charging at £6.50 each ( 2.50 + 4.00 ) .

If you break it down from your full set price each nail costs £4.00. therefore the stand alone price of £4.00 for a repair is too cheap but in with a maintenance appointment is too expensive . Hope that makes sense .

I charge £37.00 for a full set with rebalance at £24 + £1.50 extra for each nail repair . That means for the ones I have repaired I have charged £3.90
( £2.40 + £1.50 ). This is only for nails repaired or replaced at rebalance.So in the case of your lady I would charge them £24 + 4x £1.50 = £30.

However should I get a very rare call in between appointments then I charge £4.50 each nail

I too have a system of repairs included but that depends on how long the client has been coming to me . After they have been coming to me for about 6 months I include one free nail reair then after 1 year I include 2.

It may seem that I run a complicated price list but its not really :)

yah i gotta say i dont charge a soak off .... i think wot makes it hard for all of us with our pricing and timing is the compition out there where they can get seen n be done in 40 mins and we get compaired to there status.... only thing is we all know that out products r better for there nat nail and is more cost for us to buy than some other places pay... but in the clients eyes they only look at wot there cost is ... grrrrr :grr: i have had to change my prices about 3 times in the last year or 2 as well ... xx emily xx :irked:
I'm lucky in a way, the Isle of Man only has a few nail bars and everyone seems to keep the prices the same. But on their price lists it doesnt actually say if you get free replacements with infils/rebalances so thats why I have been charging.

The thing is I am on an hourly rate (an extremely good one) and only work 9 hours a week, so for them to make money I need to be flat out and charging good rates all the time. So I cant go to low with my prices.

Thanks everyone for your advice
I think I will do it so that I will replace 2 free of charge with the infils/reb but any more than that I will charge.
its so hard ere where i am coz its such a small place n there is so many of us n then the sopt of the so call town we have there is a nail bar n then there is a hand full of techs in a few salons so its a bit dog eat dog some times ... grrrr ... where is that happy medium???? Thank god to loyal clients a! xx emily xx :irked:

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