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Jan 15, 2003
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I need to know why one would use one or the other. I realize that R+ doesn't need primer. Is there clients you would use one on and not the other? In school we used R+ b/c we didn't have to use primer. But on the other hand one of the instructors suggested that we use acid free primer. I have both but I'm needing to restock soon. I would like to be more informed. I hope I'm not being too blonde for you.
The diff between Radical and R+ is two fold:

Radical is slightly more flexible so will offer more toughness (i.e. your professional mud wrestling clients)
Retention+ is slightly harder and provides a covalent bond to the natural nail plate (twice as strong as a primer bond)

So in a nut shell: R+ for lifters (though I wont go into the exceptions here :) ) and Radical for the breakers.

Acide Free Primer gives an R+ bond (covalent). It can be used with Radical or R+ (in the R+ case, it would coat the natural nail plate for problem lifters to allow for better adhesion... that is if you were having adhesion problems not due to oil or moisture)

Hope this helps
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