INM nail enamels, does anyone know what the RRP is??


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Aug 29, 2007
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bradford, west yorkshire
Hi again

I picked up some INM enamels from the OSNS, they were liquidated stock left over from Hyperion, and they were £1 each, so I thought I'd get a few as they would be useful at some point.

I'm opening my new salon next week, and I've decided to give them away as welcome gifts. I'm trying to cobble a sign together for the shop window, and I need to know the RRP on these as I want to put:

"APHRODITE NAIL DESIGN NOW OPEN - Book your appointment now and receive a welcome gift (INM nail enamel worth ??????) at your first appointment (While stocks last)"

I had a google and can only find trade price. I was going to put £10 as I thought they would be somewhere near the same a creative retail prices, but knowing my luck it will be way out and someone will pick me up on false advertising!!!

Thanks ladies (and gents, I keep forgetting!!)
Hello Michelle,

These polishes are also distibuted by JICA Beauty Products Ltd ( and their RRP is £4.95.

That's only a recommended price but I guess you can put your own price/value on it.
Thanks for that Sarah

Best wishes

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