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Aug 7, 2013
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So as the title says I want to know what your inspiration was to be in this industry be it hair or beauty :)
Ooh, I think my reply might be deeply unpopular, because I'm going to mention QVC, but Alison Young, their beauty expert was mine. Very no nonsense, beauty is for everyone approach combined with great sales technique.
There. I've said it!
Great thread, OP!
My love for nail art led me to do my nail services course which then led me in to my current course, beauty therapy x
I used to always nag my mom to let me paint her toe nails then my sister became a hairdresser and I firstly went into hairdressing did my level 2 but didn't enjoy it and we got beauty girls come in asking for models as i hated hairdressing i volunteered and my tutor picked me as she knew i didnt enjoy hair and she said beauty would suit me better so I looked into Beauty an did 2 years training and that's that! Nothing too exciting haha. Xx
My second year nursing, a friend treated me at this lovely day spa for mani/pedi and facials, the mani and pedi was ok from what I remembered however, my therapist blew me away with the facial! It was a feeling like no other, utter blisss, relaxation and my skin felt incredible :D The following day I marched into Esthetics dept at the college and inquired what I needed to know, started my 1st year that same year instead of 3rd yr nursing.
Mine was also Alison Young!!

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This is brilliant keep them coming geeks :)!!
Mine came from going an having my first set of nail enhancements done, I was watching this lady do my nails and thought I could do that!! So I did that was 20 years ago I loved doing nails then but now I adore doing them I eat sleep drink anything nails.
My mum was a hairdresser even though she gave it up when my oldest brother was born so she only did for a couple of years. That's why my fringe was always wonky as a kid. My sister in law was a hairdresser and when she was dating my brother in the 80's she used to cut my hair. I hated it. Once she hi-lighted my hair and it looked grey and got picked on for that.
My auntie is a hairdresser and used to own a salon, i used to be fascinated watching her, then did a few months training in a salon at 14, went into college and never looked back!! Xxx
It's strange really how I got here. I'm 48 now and from the age of 16 for some reason I always wanted to work on the Estee Lauder counter in a chemist. I went on to do so many other things as my initial desire was never encouraged. I trained with London college of music and obtained honours after honours in this subject and yet my desire remained in this industry and at the grand old age of 40 I decided to train in beauty. I then found my niche in skin and this is where I am today. I have a natural talent in composing my own music which I do as a hobby but my first love is skin. My advice to all you out there is that it's never too late to follow what you want to do and if you are lucky enough it will come to you sooner rather than later. Don't ever give up and most importantly don't let others deter you.
I'm aged 40 and just started my first week of Level 2 Beauty. A little like tonicj - my family (and school) said my grades were too good to go into the beauty industry(????) At a young age I didn't feel I could go against their advice so went into the Civil Service. I've done really well but I now have the opportunity to fulfill my desire.

I just don't understand why the industry has a negative reputation and seen as 'second class' by those outside and schools. Thank goodness there are so many strong ambassadors on here and at colleges to inspire!! :biggrin:
I think for me it was the idea of being able to "transform". You can look one way, but then with the magic of a brush you can change your look.

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