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Jan 18, 2012
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Quick question - Ive got my insurance with Salon Gold - but have I missed something as I havnt been asked for proof of my spray tanning course? Do I need to scan and email it tothem - I read everything carefully or did I miss something?


I've been insured with salon gold for 2 years I'm now into my 3rd year. I don't remember ever giving them proof of any of my qualifications!
I found salon gold one of the most expensive insurance companies ! Just a thought shop about !
With a lot of insurance you do not need to show proof. HOWEVER this is because there is no point in telling them lies... because if you have and you need to make a claim THEN they will look for the ways to get out of paying and ask for proof. If you have given them false info then you will find your insurance is void and no payout will be made.
I'm with salon gold hun and I emailed them the other day asking if I was covered and if they needed proof and they said no and sent me a copy of my original policy listing everything I was covered for and spray tanning is one of them x
Thanks guys

Thats really helped - I was just worried I had missed a part about sending in my certificate etc but thats eased my mind!

LilMissEmmylou - Makes sense when you put it like that! lol

Thanks again everyone!

I found salon gold one of the most expensive insurance companies ! Just a thought shop about !

Well I've been with them for 5 years and always found them the cheapest with a high cover!!!!
Keeping to the original question!!! No you don't have to send them proof of qualifications when you take out insurance, only if you have to make a claim.:biggrin:

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