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Tropic Tine

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Sep 23, 2015
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Grantown On Spey
Hi to this...just about to start new biz.... Can the mobile beauticians please advise me on insurance? Do I just need public liability insurance for mobile? Tia...[emoji3]
Salon gold do great mobile beauty therapist insurance...check out their website.
I've always found ABT to be the cheapest for insurance X
Yes most definitely for mobile. I use Balens - costs me £80 for the year.
I'm with BABTAC there about £85 for the year. I claimed last year. Was dealt with swiftly and your premium doesn't go up! [emoji4]
I use Towergate Professional insurance, their hair and beauty section, very competitive
Hi Tia,

Congratulations on the new business, ABT Insurance cover mobile therapists for £6 million Public, Product Liability and Treatment Risk Insurance.

Treatment extensions and more information about our insurance can be found on our website.

Kind Regards
ABT Team
Good afternoon Tia

We offer competitive insurance for mobile work as well as full salon cover. Please feel free to give our friendly team a call on 03456 058 670 or you can view our prices here :)

The Professional Beauty Direct Team

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