Is it just her?


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Jul 4, 2013
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I use NSI l&p and do my own often.. I done my mans mums nails 3 weeks ago and she still has hers on.. I did my friends then done my own after it, will be 2 weeks on Thursday and mines are all still perfect but one of hers 'just came off' I don't find this myself & no one else had had this problem. but anytime I do hers one just comes off or cracks or something before 2 weeks. I'm doing the same as I so on everyone else but it's just her. I said to use gloves while cleaning as that could be lifting the nails and she said but when I got them done at USA nail bar they were always fine!
(before I qualified). what do I say to her??
iv just got back into doing nails after having my son & renewing all my stuff so just doing family friends the now xx
How long are the nails guarenteed for a week?
Does she get "mates rates" I had to stop mates rates ad I found they were not looking after them but once they started paying what everyone else was paying they were x

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I use nsi l&p and its fine x
I use it on me too and its fine x

Maybe shes not looking after them like she says she is xx
Unfortunately, from the little experience I have as a nail technician, people don't appreciate unless they pay... And I mean to pay the full price as they would do to someone wouldn't know. Whenever i offer shellac to my sister (she has it for free), she brokes a nail, or clean her whole house without wearing any gloves, or scratches her nails over the dishes when washing them "in order to clean them properly"e.t.c. My friends have service 50% off and they continuously cancel their appointments, or are being late etc. i'm sure that if we had less intimacy things would be better. They would appreciate my effort, my time, the money I spent to buy all these stuff. They think that I have been qualified just to do my hobby, not big deal "to give 5 minutes to paint their nails."
This is so upsetting sometimes that I find myself trying to avoid booking them all an appointment.
I do my friends nails for her and she is constantly breaking them... she has them too long for her lifestyle but wont listen to my advice
yeah well she pays £15. mines are still all perfect & my bfs mums who's badly need Infilled but she knew I was going to caravan this week & never booked me! it must just be her then. thanks :)
This happens to me too.. I can wear them for over 4 weeks, i had a client who had her's on for 4 weeks, my sister wears them for ages, however i sadly do have clients, probably 2, who can't wear them any longer than a week without one coming off, or two weeks?

It has happened to me once to twice now. I do my application the same. Usually i have gone to find some have broke them, themselves, by accidentally knocking them.

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