Is Minx very popular?


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Apr 13, 2012
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I'm just wondering how popular is Minx? Do you have many clients for that service? I'm thinking of booking nail wrap course and buying Minx kit and stuff, but not sure about it. How much do you charge for a set of Minx? x
i've recently gotten minx into the salon. it's a bit slow at the moment but then i think once the flip flop's appear so will the funky minxed toes.
we have done some where we did rockstar on the 4 toes and a minx on the big toe to set it all off. that looked great.
i think it gives you more scope to play around.
It's one of those treatments that won't make you rich but it's good to be able to offer it and IMO minx is the best out of all the wraps. Ive used several different brands and I've only found Minx to fully stick and stay stuck to the nails for weeks aft weeks with no lifting issues.

Sometimes I get a few sets in a week then I won't get any sets just lots of gelish or varnish so it's swings and roundabouts. I also find wearing them yourself is a fab advert.
Thank you for your replies girls! I've decided to book this course, and I'll see how it goes x

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