Is my hairdresser making a mistake?


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Jul 7, 2015
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I'm a beauty pro not a hair pro, so I don't have a clue what I am on about, so if my terminology is wrong I apologise! But I have a feeling that my hairdresser isn't doing it right.

We do service swaps, so I do her facials and massage and she does me a cut and colour. My hair is very fair, I would guess about an 8 from what I have picked up here but hands up I dot actually know. I have had it coloured quite dark brown, she says a 4. It's below my shoulders. She started putting a purple tint over it as we discussed a plum colour for a change, and I liked it but it was bright at the root and then not really noticeable over the rest. I get that my roots are lighter than the rest of my hair and this would happen. Now, over Time of having ha I got this colour, it's sort of banded, so really bright at the root, then a bit darker then darker, like in stripes. Should she be using different mixtures to make it all blend? I'm now hating it and feel like I want to change it completely, but I don't know if I trust her to do it. I suggested to her about gradually going lighter and she sort of laughed and groaned at me, I didn't expect it to happen in one appointment but she basically said we couldn't really do that.

Am I wasting my time?! Or am I being difficult?
No you are right. I used to be an apprebtice and we were taught to mix the colour for the hair you are colouring otherwise you could cause banding. I am not qualified of course as I changed the industry but it sounds like she is taking shortcuts.
I'm not a hair pro either, but a beauty pro. Just wanted to say that I'm in the EXACT same situation!! I work in a hair and beauty salon and the hair dresser always puts the same copper colour on, but recently my roots have been coming out orange - I get told off for saying orange but it's not even copper's like hi-vis orange! The rest is like a strawberry blonde colour. It's bizarre! And like yours, mine has started to stripe. I've ended up going to another hair salon as a 'proper' client because I think it's just laziness personally. I think it's because they know me and just think "slap any old thing on and never mind if it goes wrong because we can do it again another day". Luckily my hair is now back to its natural colour(ish), with no stripes and in good condition from another salon. I would personally go somewhere else to try and fix it. I think we can get complacent and cut corners when it's people we know.
This used to happen at my old work a lot. The mentality was that we arent paying so shortcuts are okay I think.
Yes, you are wasting your time, to put it bluntly.

She sounds pretty incompetent if you're getting bright roots and banding.
It's really not that difficult to get it right if you know what you're doing.

Definitely don't ask her to lighten it, if she can't even colour it brown evenly.

Find yourself a new hairdresser to do service swaps with. (Wish you lived near me, I'd love to swap treatments.:) )
Thanks, I thought so. She's always in a rush and last time I had a purple ring around my face, she just slapped it on. Afterwards I messaged her saying, I know you have a lot on, if you wanna stop swapping for a bit I understand .... And she said no I I've our swaps, which surprised me cuz she's always in a rush even she's having a treatment and is never sure what she wants or seems fussed. I, about to rent a room in a hair dressers so it's gonna be even harder to fit each other in (also an issue) and I should get a discount there. Which will be needed since it sounds like I have a colour correction job on my hands!x
Yes just stop swapping services & go elsewhere , I'm a student doing hair and evan I know it's not difficult to colour match roots so theirs no banding or hot roots/root glow happening [emoji4]

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