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Jul 5, 2007
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A gel system done with L&P and not UV cured? I have a holiday infill client swears she always has gel but has never been cured under a lamp, says it looks like my OPI L&P products and done like Acrylics but swears she was told it was Gel Nails she was having...
To me they look, feel and file like Acrylic, but thought i would check before her infills :irked:
No, she must be having l&p, I've had clients who have been confused like this before as well. I think some unscrupulous salons have been known to call it gel and charge more for it, or so I've heard:rolleyes:. If there's no UV light, she can't have had gels.
Just what i thought, thanks...ive told her as much anyway and my replacement 2 L&P nails matched hers exsisting ones perfectly. I did warn her that my products were probaby diferent anyway tones etc, but as she ws having them painted anyway she didnt mind...left happy and has re booked for Friday before she goes home to Uk again...apparently to challenge the nail techs advertising :rolleyes:
Maybe its the system where they apply gel and dip into powder? Or does that have to be cured too??
I agree with Blossom, due to L&P getting a bad press some years ago, some people are adamant they dont want acrylic nails so some salons will say they are gel. Some will even go to the point of putting a UV cured topcoat on so that if the client is asked about the light, they can say yes, they went in the light.

Why people feel the need to lie is not helping our industry one bit.
Probably right Fiona, she did say something about going under a light to dry the polish...but then said it had hot air too! Anyway just been told she has cancelled on me so dont have to worry any more :irked:
i think maybe she had a NSI thermoshield topcoat or something?
its a bit gloopy, she might have been told its gel???:irked:
Many NSS scam clients by offering gel because it's "better for the nails" and "natural", they charge more THEN simply apply L&P from a container with "gel" written on it.:rolleyes:
A very common scam.
Another, they apply L&P, apply a UV Sealant over it, then cure.
And they advertise that as UV Gel as well:irked:

I simply ask the clients "was liquid and powder applied OR a gel substance similar to hair gel?"

Very few salons actually use "Le Chat" Acrygel system in comparison to the number of salons doing L&P or REAL UV Gel. Acrygel is uv gel applied with acrylic powder sprinkled over it and yes, it must also be uv light cured.

I "think" that there might be another Acrygel system, but can't think of the name of it right now.

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