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Jun 8, 2003
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Well I have always been a gel fanatic, but after reading so much on this site decided to give creative a try. I did the spa manicure and pedicure day last week. I cannot recommend this day enough! The products are totally gorgeous! Everything looks, smells and feels great and the response from my clients has been amazing! :D

Then this week I did 3 days of my L&P foundation. After some pretty dodgy training with another company I was amazed at how thorough the course is. I have learnt so much in 3 days and am now busy practicing on my nail traniner and my long suffering mum. I'm also busy revising like mad for the test in a fortnight. :shock:

The Creative products are just sooooo nice to work with and solar oil smells good enough to eat so I won't be putting it on my nail biters :D

Jacqui, Michelle and Kim at Salisbury have been absolutely fantastic teachers - really encouraging and have boosted my confidence. And everyone at OSNS have been really helpful and friendly. I am feeling really positive about my business and think that Creative is the way forward for me.

So thanks to everyone on this site for giving me the inspiration to give it a go - I'd better go and do some more revising ;)
Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

I will pass them on to the gang at the Creative Nail Academy at Salisbury ... I know they will be pleased to get them. Your sort of remarks are what we teachers live for!!

I think Creative classes satisfy the thirst for knowledge that so many of us crave and lead us on to wanting to always know more ... and of course there is always more to know!

When you look at the people in the UK industry who are the leaders ... whose name is always up there ... who are at the cutting edge ... Who are the competition winners ... 99% are Creative trained. We are so proud of that and of them. That is what we work for.

Good luck with your business ... let us help any time you need us ... consider us your partner in growing your success.
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