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Jun 6, 2003
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Hello All Nail Geeks,

Have not been on board for a while and need some advice.

I have just been reading the earlier posting by EmmaD and can relate to her experience. I am in a slightly different position.

I finished my NVQ last year in manicure, pedicure and nail extensions. I have nine months salon experience but became ill suddenly this March and have only just got better now. I lost my part-time job (I had be replaced because clients were waiting and I was the only nail tech).

During my whole time venturing into nails and despite the salon experience I was still struggling with acrylic. (Infact there were a number of complaints about my work, so goodness knows how I lasted that long!)

Now after not working for a number of months I find that I am completly incapable of doing l&p extensions anymore. I have been for some jobs and done some trade tests and have failed them all. I did do the creative conversion in May whilst I was still recovering but have come to the conclusion acrylics just aren't 'me' we it don't click!

Now I am left with a problem what to do now? I cannot afford any more training, I seem to be unemployable, have lost my speeds etc and if I am to be honest I have never been any good at l&p no matter how hard I tried!

I can't do mobile where I live as the area is far too dodgy plus it is full of the sub standard salons. My only option is to try and do mobile work in the next decent area. But I would only be able to manicures and pedicures.
I also thought if that worked out I would probably try and convert to fibreglass and totally give up on l&p because believe me I have practised hard and was still crap!

Therefore has anyone out there been in this situation? And how did you get around it? I don't want to give up as I paid a lot for my training and did work very hard at trying to get good etc.

Any thoughts, advice would be appreciated!

Best wishes

Just wanted to ask what products did you train in?? I found that after i did my training with Star Nails and their products i still had alot of difficulty with getting good nails. I kept practising and doing everything i could to get better. To top it all i developed an allergy to the monomer, so had to change the make that i used. I tried a few including Creative and EZ Flow and discovered i couldwork with EZ Flow no problem.

The product has changed the nails i produce immensely. They have dramatically improved and i don't suffer with half as many problems as i used to. I still have a way to go and a lot to learn, but its not always you that is at fault, it could just be that you don't get on with the products you use.

I know you said you can't afford any more training, but i think you deserve to give something else a go, even if you get yourself some trial kits for now to just play with and see how you get on.

Just a thought. Hope you sort something out.
Sorry you are feeling a bit down about things too. I don't get on that well with acrylic either although I will do them on people who will have definate hard wear or for nail biters. My system of choice will always be wraps either silk or fiberglass. As long as they are kept short and the natural nail shape is good they look fantastic every time with very little effort from tech and client. They also make the transition to natural nail overlay a sinch.

L&P will always be a string to your bow but I'd suggest that maybe you could try another system maybe by buying a sample pack and a good book rather than forking out for another training course. I'm trained in all systems and although I'm by no means an expert I'd love to help if I can (as I'm sure the other geeks would!). I firmly believe that l&p is the hardest to master and I'm willing to bet that having had experience with this that learning another system would be easier than you think.
Good luck.
Have you thought about gel, if you can blend well and it is just the acrylic you are having problems with then it mightbe worth switching.

Try one of the sample kits ot see how you get on and if the nails look good then go for it, after a while and hopefully some money earnt then it would be worth investing in a course maybe the Brisa traing.

Good luck

(I cant get on well with L&P either but do great with gel)

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