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Feb 5, 2003
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Afternoon all
Don't often post here but visit as regularly as I can to read all the posts. Have a question today though. There was an advertisement in Scratch (July) for Jessica ZenSpa pedicure products. Can anyone tell me where I can buy these products, especially online as it's much quicker and where might I get a catalogue of their range of products :?:

Thanks ;)
Jessica products are available from the Natural Nail Company in Borehamwood. Not available online as far as I know. Tel: 020 8381 7793
Thanks for that Fiona - I have telephoned them and they will forward a catalogue to me.
Hi there, I spoke with the Natural Nail company recently about the Zenspa products too and I got the impression they are BIG on you having Jessica training to use their products, also in order for you to order from them they send a rep round to discuss your needs etc... as I'm a very small outfit I shyed away from this a bit as I really only need a minimal amount of products and didn't feel I could justify someones time coming to see what sort of products I need etc.. I've stayed with the Creative Spa pedi and it works for me! J xx

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