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Nov 8, 2010
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kingsbridge devon
I hope someone would be kind enough to help me,

I've been having my nails done at my local beauty salon for many years and love all the Jessica products and love the new gelaration products they have bought out.

I've always been very interested in doing Jessica training courses and now I have some more spare time i'd like to give it ago.

So my first question is do I need to be working in a salon to be able to go on Jessica training courses?

If not where and how do I find out about Jessica courses?

Thankyou, look forward to some replies hopefully.:)
If you go to the uk Jessica homepage it has contact details, e-mail or phone them and they will be able to help you. I do believe you have to open an account with them to do the training.
Great thankyou, will give that ago.
I contacted Jessica UK regarding their training and they told me that you needed a manicure and pedicure certificate before you could open an account and undertake their training.
Hi, yes they told me that too, they said nvq 2 but not a one done in a week, needs to be a longer course over about 3 months.

Been looking at my local colleges which seem to be longer courses but they all had there intake in September! You can do it private for around 700-900 pounds! over a week, which Jessica don't recommend! And wouldn't know the best place in my area anyway. Still looking into it as don't want to have to wait till next September to start!
I'm after doing an NVQ 2 in nails so I can then train in Jessica products, has anyone heard or done there NVQ at the Carlton Institute??

They seem very expensive is 799 a normal price for this intense course.

Feedback would be great..


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