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Nov 19, 2007
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Could anyone give me advice on selling gift vouchers in my salon? How best should I record the sale of them? Should I ask the person buying the gift voucher for the name and tel no of the recipient

Also what happens if I put my prices up? Especially if the voucher is for an amount rather than for a specific treatment, should i give it to them for the previous price?

I always ask for the first and last name of the gift recipient and put a note in the back of my appointment book. As the gift vouchers are handed in I cross the names off. I give the option to keep the voucher but stamp over the name just so Im really really sure its wont be used again.

My vouchers are valid for 12 months therefore a price increase could come up after a voucher has been issued.
If it was a treatment voucher I would DEFINATLEY honour the price as I dont actualy disclose prices on treatment vouchers - to the Gift recipient the price would be irrelavant.
However with a Cash Gift Voucher I think its diffrent. They knew what value they had to spend and if they wait a long time to use it then they would be probably be aware that there may be a price increase. If you are giving someone a cash voucher its because you dont know what they would like so the price of treatments, in my opinion, would be irrelavant. I also think it would be too complicated to honour old prices with Cash gift vouchers. With treatment vouhcers its simple - you give them the treatmnet lol.


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