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Mar 13, 2011
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I think that's how it's spelt!!! It's an 'expensive Australian hair colour' have a clients sister coming over from Australia who is bringing her own colour with her just wants me to put it on for her, just wondered if anyone knows anything about it,is it a professional product?
Do you mean "joico" colour? If so, its orgionally an American make but have been in the UK a while. Its really lovely to work with, though the direct pigments in it are pretty strong! very very vibrant reds, strong ashes etc. Let me know if you need any help with formulas or anything :) xx
p.s yes its proffessional :wink2: xx
Great thanks, she has 2 colours that need mixing so I presume as its a professional colour then it will be self explanatory, don't feel worried about it now, thanks xxx
There are specific ways of timing the colours according to what vol peroxide you use, and also wether youre using chrome or ka pak colour. If you get in a fiddle PM me xx
Thanks, think I will ring her next week for more info, hope you don't mind if I message you for exact timings etc x
Of course not. Happy to help xx
I use Joico and adore it! Always get great vibrant results! X

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