Khloe K hair?


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Chelsea Dempsey

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Feb 6, 2016
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Can anyone help me to get to the nearest colour to this at the root what khloe k has


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Tracy Cunningham (her stylist) uses Lightener + 40vol. and uses Olaplex with it, so her lightener acts like a 30vol, since Olaplex dilutes the volume down, so it's recommended to use a higher volume. she works off of her own base level.. She tones her also.
Illumina 7/81 & 6/0 ??
Am guessin 7/81 maybe to ash ? When goin on blonde hair also x
Ive used it on a blonde .. It's fine as long as you add a little 6/0 also just with Pastel developer
Will have to try thanks for your help
Tracy uses Redken Shades and it's 9N + 9NB for the hairline and 7N + 7NB base new growth area for 8 minutes.
I don't think there is redken in the wholesalers over here x
This is my colour now what would you reccomend x x


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Sorry what's ct ? xxx
I've found it
What line do you use? I can convert it to what Khloe uses, which is a level 9 Neutral + a little 9Ash, but looking at your photo you look right on target!
Matrix and wella can u reccomend what to use xx
I currently have 6/ illumine my hair fades pretty quick xx
Sorry I thought we were talking about the root colour [emoji85]
Ye the root and the ends lol
Go to the Matrix- Color Sync, it's there demi and they have an awesome very sheer toner called SPV and the SPN which if you mix them in equal parts is close to Khloe's tonality, use 10vol with then, I don't think you need to do the darker formula that Tracey has that was to cover up orange and I don't see that in your hair. The color is for 20 minutes timing.

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