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Jan 9, 2003
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Good Grief! :fire: I'm dying to hear the results of the competitions and to see how Christie did!! The awards were almost 2 hours ago! LOL I'm slightly impatient....

Anyone talk to Tom yet?

If you go to, Debbie D. has posted some pics of the competitions and stuff there. Just look for the post on the Nailtech message board. Some of the Fantasy nails look INCREDIBLE! :shock:

Ok, I'm going to go chew the rest of my nails off in anticipation...[/url]
I was just at the beauty tech site and Christie got 3rd.
Way to go Christie.
Well done christie

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Yehaarh (or something like that) Christie

Dizzy Dellie :thumbsup:
Good One Christie :thumbsup: :D
I don't know if shes posted them on the nail art page, but if hse hasn't heres the link to her entry pics

I just want to add my Congratulations to Christie, they are truely, the most amazing, creative & striking nails I have ever seen I can only begin to imagine what 1st & 2nd place must have been like.

Christe, you rock!! (or should that be Hula!!?)
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