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Sep 3, 2012
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Hello fellow lash/airbrush tan technicians! I know some days are filled with lovely clients and tons of positives, while other days can be somewhat challenging and frustrating.
That being said, I would like to offer a list of things most clients do to annoy us professionals. Its meant for fun and laughs (I am sure I'm guilty of doing some of these things to my technician too

Please add in comments any more pet peeves!!:D

Don’t you just love it when your lash client…

Picks up their cell phone in middle of the session and asks you who is calling/texting?
Asks you to pick up the phone and put it on speaker?
or Opens eyes mid-session, and tries to look at who is calling
Demands a smoke break every half hour
Fidgets non stop because they refuse to relax while you take the time to make them look amazing
Flutters eyelids with no concern/stretches, yawns- non stop
Talks animated even though you have asked her so many times to please not move so much
Demands more lashes when they have no place to put them to the point they look like they have strip lashes
Comes for a fill in after 4 weeks but expects the normal fill in rate (she will have 10 LPE)
Announces mid lashing that she will be opening up her own lashing boutique in her home down the street because it looks so easy and why shouldn't she also make some good easy money? :D
Changes mid set she thinks she would like a J curl instead of a C
Arrives from another lash technician for a fill in and all her lashes have been glued together by previous crappy "technician"/but thinks said lash technician is the best because her prices are so reasonable?
arrives 30 minutes late because of "traffic", thereby allowing you only half the time to finish her lashes before next client. client then demands you fill in rest the next day.
Asks to run to ATM AFTER the set is done, causing you to panic if she will return with money
Doesn't bother calling or SMSing to cancel appointment
Explains how she has a "real" job and no time for lash extensions nagging you to work faster thus causing stickies
Demands appointment day of, repeatedly, even though she knows you will be fully booked in advance.

Don’t you just love when your spray tan client…
Touches her body with spray tan all over it and then blames you for splotching up her palms next day
SMS'es you in the middle of the night to report she has spilled water on her tan and what should she do she is getting married in just 5 hours
Tells you, "just make me look tanned, I dono how much, youre the expert YOU decide!"
Haggles your prices into the ground to the point where you just give in because they are so annoying
Rushes you driving you nuts through a spray and drying because they are late somewhere
Arrives with old self tan because they didn't exfoliate properly
Asks for an airbrush tan that will last a month or like, "forever". Pouts when told that no such product exists
Demands that they know more than you and requires 3 coats of formula
Demands over spraying feet and hands
Moves around repeatedly when sprayed even though you warned her that would ruin the result.
Takes "hours" to get dressed when leaving even though she knows other clients are waiting for her to finish and go.
Moves her leg or arms forward even though never was asked to during spraying, in order to "catch" more solution on limb (although this only causes uneven application).
Cancels last moment early friday/sunday mornings continuously yet continues to insist this time they will actually arrive (they were out partying the night before and was too hungover: )
Doesn't bother to bring appropriate clothing to change into after spray tan, (ie shows up in leggings, white daisy dukes, jeggings..etc)
asks to coordinates a wedding week/honeymoon tan regime for bridal week/weekend with zero time left for exfoliation and reapplication (ie a tan that will last perfect for 10 days straight)

Yes I Love my clients but sometimes they drives me crazy!
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Love love love this post! Cheered me up before going to bed ♥ xxx

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Ha ha ha ha cracking up! This is soooooo true!!!
I just thought of another one....
' so does that mean you can do your own lashes now' ha ha as I'm new to lashing I always get asked this!!
ughh i hate when they ask "who does YOUR lashes"! Like why would I promote someone else's work?
ughh i hate when they ask "who does YOUR lashes"! Like why would I promote someone else's work?

Out of interest what do you say to this question?
I loved reading this!! I hate hate hate it when people say how they are going to train as it's so easy and such easy money and the kit / training won't cost nothing at all grrrr!!! Glad I let that one out lol!! Or booking in when in had first started out doing lashes and when it was on a special price, then didn't turn up and decided to text me at midnight that night to say sorry for not turning up or replying to my text at three that afternoon, then getting annoyed because the price has gone up by ten pounds by the time she re books!!

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