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May 7, 2013
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Hey guys I need help I ve been doing lashes for over a year now but still feel it's challenging anyone got tips on if client has really short lashes but lots of them I find it hard to keep them separated just so many ? Also the pads/tape pushing the lashes up plz help thanks u ❤️ Xxx
I am quite a new lasher. I too have problems sometimes with tape underneath pushing the lashes upwards. There are two ways as far as I know about putting the tape on. The first way I got taught was to put a line of tape on the gel pads and cut a round shape into it so you put that straight on to the client. The other way is out the gel pads on first then use two smaller cut pieces of tape to tape down any that have escaped from the gel pads. Maybe try one of those (if they are different to your method at the moment)
That's the only advice I have, hope it makes sense! Don't give up :)
Thank u so much I ll try that any suggestions on how to make sure short lashes don't end up on more than one lash ? When there are loads of lashes xxx

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