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Aug 10, 2009
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Happy New Year everyone! I have not spray tanned in over a year and I'm looking to get back into it. I'm thinking of Lauren's Way as not many people seem to use it in my area. Should I also invest in the One Hour Tan as well as the normal solutions? Is anybody finding them more popular nowadays?

Also do many Geeks spray in the evenings? I work full time so this would be the only time I could fit clients in. Do you find many people are put off by the fact you can only work certain hours?
We use Lauren's Way tan in my salon, I love it! We used to have the different solutions but now just use the rapid tan and all clients prefer it as they don't need to sleep in it, it's streak free and very natural. Most clients come in after work so yes probably mainly evening appointments for tans for us
Will u get the 16% if it's on for 3 hrs??
It's best you get the rapid tan for quick results, if your clients want dark Then go for the 16% I use the solution 60
A lot of my clients love the Solution 60 rapid tan as they don't have to sleep in it, or they can come for a tan first thing in the morning or on a early lunch break, wait a few hours, shower and are ready to go out in the evening- fab, but I do also get clients wanting the rapid tan in the evening so they can rinse before bed and still wont have to sleep in it! However I do have a few die hard fans of the 16%, clients who are more than happy to sleep in their tan for that rich, dark tan! So I would recommend those two without a doubt but the rest is what you find your clients are asking for :)
I've sprayed with loads of different fluids, never finding the perfect one - until I used Laurens Way, I couldn't recommend it more - and neither can my clients! I believe on the Laurens Way Pro website you can order 4 trial sized bottles (100ml I think of the 8%, 12%, 16% and Solution 60) so if you're unsure of what solutions to go for you could go for the trial bottles and see what feedback you can get from clients! Hope this has helped!
I recently emailed Laurens way as I also wanted to try out their tan. They have advised me I need to send them a copy of my passport or driving licence and a utility bill. Has anyone else had this? X

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