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May 28, 2012
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Hi all,
So I've been working in a salon for 10 years now just over. I love the people I work for and can't imagine leaving. I'm their long standing member of staff disregarding them obviously and I know the clients etc so well. This is where it gets funny for me.
I started on a self employed basis. Could choose when I started and when I wanted holidsy. Used their products and they take 50%.
Last year we were told we were not allowed to ring our customers etc if we wanted them to come earlier because it was unprofessional. Even if that meant us having an hour or so with notying to do. They tell us what to wear and we have set days off (we can have other days off aside of that also.
I have brought up the fact we are self employed the lady said to me that we/i am but under their name so have to abide by the salon.
I've been offered another opportunity at a hair salon not too far away and that would be me in a corner doing nails only for maybe 100 maybe less a week as rent and I would manage my own books and so on. Ideally I would prefer this because I'm not too sure now where I stand with the whole self employed status. I'm a crazy worrier and I've not slept from the worry that I may have to have a chat with them about all this. What do you guys think? Sorry for rambling!

A very stressed salon geek xxxxx
Stop worrying and start putting yourself first for a change.
Take the rent a chair option in the second salon and don’t look back.
Your current salon is treating you very unfairly as they want to manage you as if you’re employed but without providing holiday pay, sick pay, pension etc. That’s unlawful.

Just think how much you’d have in your pension pot after 10 years service, if they’d been a decent employer!

Also, ring ACAS for advice regarding your missing holiday pay and lost pension payments.

A final thought. Do they keep your client records?
If so, they’re breaking the law again as you’re legally required to keep your own client records and the salon isn’t entitled to have access to them.
What @AcidPerm says.

I get so cross when salons treat ‘staff’ like this. I pay wages, pensions, do appraisals and these people treat you like staff while negating all their responsibilities and expenses as employers. Leave, and report them for employing you and not paying holiday and NMW.

Good luck x
Thankyou very much for both replies.
I worked it out and some weeks I'm getting below minimum wage.. that is if I was to be employed.
I do want to leave because I want a change but hate to upset anyone- a downfall of mine!
I'm not sure we have client record cards? I was never made aware of this 10 year's ago.
I'm scared of being completely self employed also , and managing products etc. But it would only be nail products I suppose so not so bad
I'm not sure we have client record cards? I was never made aware of this 10 year's ago.
I'm scared of being completely self employed also , and managing products etc.

You’re not keeping your own client records?
I hope you have your own personal liability insurance?
What if a client developed an allergy and decided to sue you?

Sorry, but I think you’ve been very naive and far too trusting.
At least when you are properly self employed, you can make sure everything is done by the book.
There is nothing of my own. No products, card machine, uniform- nothing.
I have insurance yeah I took that our when I first started.
I was probably naive. I started when I was 19 and you just expect that people tell you the truth and what to do. It was my first time with being SE so I took their advice.

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