Leaving college now where to go?


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Oct 20, 2015
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Hi all, this is my 1st post. I'm nearly finishing my level 2 hairdressing and really confused on where to go. I can do all the cut etc, colouring, styling and finishing. I've look around my local salon who are only looking for 16/17 or school leavers, I'm 32 and presuming that it comes down to money for the apprenticeships. Could anyone point me in the right way?????? Thank
Once you're qualified you can't be an apprentice. You do one or the other, college based training or a salon based apprenticeship.

Your best bet would be to offer some free time to show them what you can do. Pop your CV into places with a covering letter explaining that you'll be lvl 2 qualified.

They probably turned you down not realising you're virtually qualified. Down side to adult apprentices is the government states once past 18 they have to be paid the national minimum wage. A small salon won't invest £6.70 per hr for 30+ hrs a week with no return - sad but true :(

Good luck keep plodding forward and don't give up. Nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough.

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