Leaving my beauty room-help!


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Mar 10, 2015
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Hiya everyone,

Please could you help? Or give advice please?

I started renting a beauty room as and when I needed at first and had to pay for council checks for myself and the room as I do permanent makeup.

The lady changed the verbal contract to me having to pay £30 a week for one day a week regardless which is fine.

I then had to change it to every other week as I went back to college.

So the other day the lady messaged me saying another permanent makeup artist wants to rent the room Saturday and Sunday every week and one of those days is meant to be my day.

I understand where she is coming from that it would be financially better for her to have that lady rent from her instead.

I try and look at it from everyone's point of view

My thing is that a year ago I payed for the room to be approved by the council and now she's going to have a lady in there benefiting from that when I'm not.

Do I have a right to ask for at least half that money back or not?

I don't want to be a cow about it but I'm hoping someone sees where I'm coming from

Without a contract there is absolutely nothing you can do unfortunately.
If the salon owner is approachable, you could have a friendly chat to her about it. She's a business woman and should see your point of view .......however could still be unreasonable and refuse to refund you. In which case, without a contract, you'll need to suck it up [emoji57]

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