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Jo McC

May 12, 2015
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I currently have an led lamp, it's great for curing fingers but awful for toes as it's quite small and my clients toes hit the side and then cure all skew-whiff. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced led lamp that I can use on feet?
Cheers in advance
Can anyone help me with this?
I'm sorry I can't help you I currently use a Jessica lamp which is also small to fit people's toes in too however I place it on top of my clients toes as the bottom comes off rather than asking them to slip them in, hopefully there might be a lamp out there for you that does this if yours doesn't already?
I also was going to ask if anyone could recommend a lamp that was realiable I use geleration and I find the Jessica lamps only ever last about one year and they are so expensive to keep replacing so if anyone has any advice please can you help? Thanks x
I've got a Chroma led lamp which works really well and the bottom comes off so it's excellent for toes. It's also automatic so I don't even need to press a button!
I think it was around £140 x
I've got the Cuccio MaxPro Led lamp and you can remove the bottom and then place over the toes - the client has room to shuffle their feet under but just in case I always place over.
Thank so much everyone I really appreciate your replies I look into it now!
My OPI led lamp has feet you pull out when doing a pedicure, it's brilliant
I was just about to say the Opi lamp has little pedicure platforms!

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