Level 2 ITEC or NVQ Beauty?


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Apr 10, 2016
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Hi geeks,

I am new to the site & i am really keen to get in to the industry. I have been debating it for the last 5 years and i know this year will be the year i finally take the leap.

Anyway, i would like some advice about which course i should do. I enquired with my local city college last year and they offer the nvq level 2. I am in yorkshire and have just made an enquiry with the yorkshire college of beauty and they offer itec, which is double the cost! Although neither offer nail extensions? At what point would you actually do nail extensions? Or do you do a seperate course?

Anyway my goal would be to eventually do my level 3, possibly even a level 4 and set up my own salon - which course or what route do you advise? Thank you. Xxx
The longer courses with lots of practical work (a salon environment where the public come for treatments) will be better, no matter which awarding body. That's usually the reason for cost differences between courses. There's also CIDESCO, CIBTAC and City & Guilds to choose from. Are you sure nail extensions aren't part of the manicure module? There's a level 3 module too, although nothing stopping you doing this as a separate course after level 2. There are usually different routes you can take depending on which area you want to specialise in (massage, electrical facial treatments etc) and there are some courses that are level 2 and 3 together over 2 years if you want to get all your training done in one go. I can't advise which one to take I'm afraid, it really does depend on what the course offers and what the tutor is like. You can have one course lasting a few weeks and another lasting a year, and they will both give you the same qualification!
Level 2 beauty is the same no matter which exam board it's awarded by (vtct, itec, city and guilds usually). It usually covers waxing, manicure, pedicure, basic eye treatments, facials and basic makeup. Most colleges don't have the resources to add extra units to the qualification so it's not unusual to take nail extensions as a separate course (a lot of colleges offer a separate qualification for this as an evening course or after level 2 beauty it is possible to go onto level 3 nails where everything nails is covered).

As long as it is a recognised qualification (rather than something awarded by an independent company such as a certificate of attendance) then it will be suitable for purpose.

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