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Oct 10, 2015
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Hi Geeks....
Just need to 'offload' and ask advise really.

So ive been away from hairdressing for a good few years, never had any decent salon experience really.

Lately ive thought its time to get back into it, so I have been volunteering at a salon on Saturdays (im 25 - not ideal but have to do what you have to do!) and looking into level 3. Passed a trade test for level 3 but she said as the course started in sept ive missed so much so to come back next year. ( I thought why let me do a trade test then?!) she swore blind trade test was great and looks forward to seeing me next year.

anyway, I have gone into a salon and spoken to the guy who runs it and ive explained the situation. he has said to contact London hairdressing academy - he has a good relationship with them. They have a course which is one day a week and the guy will give me 1 day at the salon a week paid on a years contract and one day off my own back if I can. If I need longer than a year to complete level 3 he will redo the contract. This suits me for childcare - I hope to get in the salon on a Saturday so other half can have kids and then one day during week mother in law can have them for me to go to the academy ( I also work 2 days in a office I must continue doing for the money)
I am to go into the academy tomorrow to discuss fees, they are also visiting him to talk this afternoon.?

My old tutor from level 2 has also offered me a place on level 3 but that is 2 days a week.

My concern is will one day a week at college be enough? The guy has said he will train me whilst working the one day in the salon too.

Appreciate all your opinions.

Be prepared to work your arse off.

Level 3 is a big step up.

We did our level 3 in a year. Some did one day a week and they were seriously stressed by the end of the year. But they were in a salon the rest of the week.

Can the salon owner or anyone in the salon assess? That would make life easier for you so you can do little and more often.

Best of luck, but be prepared to work hard.
Hi tori and thanks for replying.

I am unsure if anyone in the salon can asses, I will ask this tomorrow when I find out more.

This is a huge worry of mine - is one day in college and one day in the salon going to be enough? I was originally planning college full time and no salon time.... which was a destined disaster!
I'm scared I won't pass and as im funding it myself the money will be for nothing! (£3,700!)

Im defo not scared of hard work, I will put my everything into it and do extra days in the salon when I can, around childcare ect.

ahhhhh :(
I only do 1 day a week for my level 3! it's pretty intense, as there's quite a lot of coursework as well as practical. we're starting our level 3 skills after half term and will have clients in pretty much every week then

i don't see any reason why you wouldn't pass! And even if you still have a lot to do towards the end, my college has two evening sessions so if we need to we're allowed to go in an extra evening to get everything done! Apparently you don't actually have to do that much, because some of the colour corrections will be big jobs you can get passed off on several things each time

go for it x
It was pretty easy to pass off quite a lot together.

Our biggest problem was that any cut had to be a restyle. One of our lecturers said a minimum of 3 inches had to come off to be a restyle.
Hi Hollie, you've made me feel a bit better lol.
Thanks Tori,

I think im panicking because ive been so long away and im not confident in my colouring at all. However guy at the salon has said not to worry anything I screw up he will fix :p

I think im gonna go for it, I want this so much!!!!

hollie, is it the same at your college with the cut/restyle situation? Mine isn't actually a college - its a private training provider - an academy that teaches only hairdressing, I hope it isn't much different to a normal college!
I did try to get into my college but its full time 2 days a week instead of one at the academy
hmmm no not that i know of

i'm not confident in colouring either i had a year off between my level 2 and 3 and feel like i've forgotton loads... we have a really good tutor though and i know i'll learn alot! did my first client at college last week was sooo nervous x
Hollie - I passed level 2 in 2009 so ive been out nearly 5 years!!!!! I'm so nervous too - you've made me feel so much better though lol im going to go for it! all depending on how tomorrow goes- I have to go in to discuss fees ect!

I work two days in an office, plus college one day and salon on Saturday I hope im not taking on too much with two children to look after as well. Other mums do it though they work full time! Plus I feel like I HAVE to do this before I get any older. im 25 now and ill need to start work full time when little one starts school in 2017 so if I do level 3 now timing should work out well. I want to go into hairdressing full time, not the office! x
I did my level 3 on a fast track 1 day in college a week and I completed it in less than 6 months. I read up all the theory at home and studied in my own time.
However, I had a fantastic tutor and chose to go to college on other ad-hoc days and joined my tutor's other level 3 courses so that I could get more practice and be assessed whenever a suitable client came in. (I was planning to move abroad so needed to get the qualification sorted before moving)

Once I completed the course, I still didn't feel very confident so attended further training courses. The sassoon courses are brilliant and well worth saving up for.

I would strongly recommend you subscribe to mhdacademy.com - level 3 as all the theory information is online and you can download it and print it off. Also, because you have access to lots of videos, it's better value than a standard textbook.
AcidPerm - thanks, I've seen that website, I think I probably will subscribe to that.

So far you all seem to think its do-able so i'm happy :) x

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