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Aug 31, 2011
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Ive been doing acrylic nails nearly a year now. I get a lot of clients in but not many returns. Some of feedback i find is that they don't last for 2 weeks (i always check with clients after a week and there fine but then the seem to start loosing them). I do have some clients return but for the amount I've had in I'm not a lot returns.
The way they loose them is by them lifting and coming off whole, not breaking just peeling. I make sure i remove all dust, prep nails properly (filing, dehydrating, cuticle work), use Creative products only, give aftercare to all my client (even tho i know some don't follow it), watch nail videos on you tube but i am just baffled as to where I'm going wrong, especially as i do my own nails which vary rarely come off!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you
When did you do your CND training and where are you purchasing your products from.
It may be worthwhile contacting your educator and bokking a 1-2-1 session if you ar ehaving all these problems.
It could be done to a number of things best bet is to get someone to see what you are doing rather and can look out for errors or mistakes.
Jen x
I haven't done specific CND training, i have done my training at college and then was advised to switch to CND products. Do you know how i should go about contacting for the 1-2-1 session please. Thanks for your advice x
So where are you purchasing your products from?
I am a beauty student, and we are taught nails as part of it, we were given a CND kit and i too am having the same problems. Im charging for product only but then the client will come back to me and say something is wrong and i drive the 45 mins and fix for free now i am out of pocket for fear of a bad name. I do my own and after two weeks i have no lifting why are theres having probs and not my own? I am getting to the point where i am just going to give them up. I prep well, use a primer, and stay away from side walls and cuticle. Im so frustrated. not to mention broke.
Amy I see you are in Hamilton ...

It seems you may need additional training/ info on CND - it is very different in chemistry and application to opi and some Cnd training is/should be a logical step
And hopefully part of your course. If not I would strongly suggest some Cnd training to get the most out of the system ...

We are here and happy to help ;)

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I think for both of you booking in for CND specific training will be a big help. It will teach you how to get the best out of the CND system, what the different liquids & powdered achieve plus the different tips etc.

As to why yours stay on but theirs don't it could be anything but even simply perhaps your nails were in a better condition to start with as you've probably looked after them better? Just a guess though

Contact Sweet Squared and find out how they can help xx
Hi Allen, thanks we were taught with CND at tech and then i brought opi which i have given up on as it was clarite, which was great but got frustrated with the curing resin brush going hard after one nail.

Yes i agree i could probably do with a CND course but being a student and having to drive an hour to get to hamilton for tech, means no money at this stage.

I have to wonder as i have said to the people i have done, that i will fix for free if something happens, if they are taking advantage. As tonight's one complaint was vertical splits which from what i can find on here means they have put pressure on it. She said the acrylic was thin on the tips which i know was a lie as she pointed out when i done them a little bit on the sides which i missed (due to working under a standard lamp as bulb had blown in her room, im going to my clients) so they got extra on them.

I am finding even though they know i am a student and the cost is covering product, they are expecting something like what they would get for say $50+ at the Asian shops (as that is what they are used to) But i am still learning, i do my best an i have done well (there are only three of us in our class allowed to work on clients and im one of them).
I think you've answered your own question there hon.

If you knew your car was disposable and if you trashed it someone would come to your house and bring you a shiny new one, every time, do you think you would be half as careful as you are now?

People trash free nails in my experience (or at least all my mates did when I was training!) There's no reason not to charge for repairs - is there? Xx
It would seem you still have a lot to learn. There are some great articles on here. But I cannot stress the importance of CND training enough
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Here are a couple of quick examples of why I urge this:
Vertical splits are usually a result of undersized tips pushed flat to fit
Cnd is a primerless system

College training in nz MUST be generic this is why CND (I) chose to avoid nzqa - we would have to remove content that ensures the system works solely to gain national standard... Therefore you get taught a 'rough' guide on usage and not product specific training that allows mastery of a specific system.
CND is the global leader for chemistry and training and is the ONLY nail company to have won beauty industry awards that recognize it's programmes..

This site is primarily uk based so this nz focuses info will not relate to other posters questions - Amy feel free to touch base directly
I also do my own nails and they last me 2-3 weeks and i just infill. I have booked for one on one session with CND. Thank you for the advice.


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