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Sep 7, 2007
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Cottingley, Bradford, West Yorkshire
Hi there geeks i need some help
i have done several sets of nails including my own which i have no problems with lifting and they seem to stay on the required length of time, i have done several sets on a close friends daughter, who complains of lifting, and they just fell off when i was washing up.

I have replaced that set for free and now she has said that after 4 days they are lifting already.

I have problems getting the tips to stick on her nails even when i spend a long time doing all the prep work, her nails are very deeply riged and also very short, a biter!!
the nails also seem to form a point from this middle line, the girl is also a traineee hair dresser and after providing a free cuticle oil to support the natural nails they are still lifting, she is comming to me tommorow for me to see the problem, i would like help on whether it is me, my product or just preperation.

any advice would be appreciated

Hiya ...first there are alot of "free" things going on need to charge !! looks after anything thats not paid for.

I am guessing that as a biter that she may be helping these nails off....just talk us through your prep and lets see if everythings fine there first. x
So, all of a sudden this nail biter is being as good as gold and not putting her nails anywhere near her mouth, yer right:irked: If she is the only one with probs and you do everything the same for her as you do for everyone else then the diplomatic thing to say to her is, its a shame that your life style doesn't suit enhancements perhaps you should stick to manicures until you kick the biting habit, sit back and smile brightly.
HI my preperation is as follows, sanitise my hands and the clients hands, then push back cuticles and remove any cuticle from nail with sanitised instruments. wipe with acetone to remove any excess then file down wards with 180 grit file then again wipe with acetone. check size and apply tips then use nsi primer and apply acrylic via nsi attraction products, and follow with file and polish.

would really like feedback as i do not use my nail tech skills often enough.
thanks for your advice so far

I have to admit, it's been quite a while since I've done any L/P sets. When I did though, I remember two separate clients that had killer lifting; one a biter, one with horribly deep ridges. Eventually their lifting ended in having to change their services.

With the biter, we switched to manicures with a strict home ritual of care; so she was in charge of her nails growing out a bit. Once she grew out her nails enough to see her biting was over, we did an enhancement.

With my ridged client, I stopped doing tips and did just an overlay. It seemed to help. I'm not sure exactly why, but my suspicion is that the ridges may not have been adhering totally to the tip or acrylic, creating weak points to lift.

Generally if I have a heavy lifter, that I can not correct, I do not continue enhancements. The chance for fungal infections increases and I'd rather not have that chance for my client. Plus, your clients are your greatest advertisement, and lifting is not great advertisement.

Hope this helps.

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