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Jul 5, 2010
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hi there all i a new to this site and fairly new to the world of nail tech's too and i need some advice. I have nearly completed a nationally acc course but i am still struggling with lifting not too long after they have gone on the nail.
I have only been using fairly cheap files and i am wondering if that is my problem?? Any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks :):)
Welcome to the world of nails , hold on tight it WILL be a bumpy ride :) ,with clear sailing later!
there's alot of resons for lifting and alot of types, where are they lifting from? Are they coming away in one bit? Are they lifting in the middle under the enhancement ? It's easyer to help you if you say what type or where the lifting Is :)

The most common resons for lifting is prep , are you using a primer? Are you removing the shine? And de-hydrating the nail for an oil and contaminate free bond?
The shape of the nail is another reason , Is it touching the skin ? Did you build it with enough apex?Another is mix ratio , to wet to dry Ect?
How the nail is finished ( filed ) can make issues but I'm thinking it's more than likly one of the ubove first,


The GOOD news is though we all get lifting to start with once you understand it and can sort it out it will "click" :)
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