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Mar 5, 2003
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Hi all

I just want to find out what you all think about liquid and powder as a system.

How easy is it to use, what are the main problems in using it and is it still as popular as ever?

All comments, rants and general points gratefully received!

Kathryn (sorry, I couldn't think of a flashy username!)
Just as an FYI to everyone...

Kathryn is writing an article for Professional Beauty. Spoke at great lengths with her today and suggested she pop in here to see what you geeks have to say...
so spit it out... :puke:

ok Geek here goes

L&P is a system that i love but didn't until i found retention+ i could never get my ratio right before i find this system so easy to use and not as smelly as some that i have tried before as for it being popular it is the main system i use in my salon, the most popular enhancment being the
acrylic french. It is a strong, flexible and now you can get so many different sorts of powders coloured and glitter that it is a must for any tech
anyway i'm begining to ramble on now so i'll just finish there
Hi everybody

Retention + is a fantastic system and I would not use any other for liquid and powder choice. However, once you get the hang of how to apply gel it is brilliant to work with. There must be alot more advertising to jo public about gel these days as three out of four new clients are asking for gel nails.
It all boils down to personal choice and I just love doing nails, liqiud & powder. gel, as long as my client goes out of the door with something that she wants and I think is right for her it does'nt matter which.

I personally think that liquid and powder is number one and will remain so. It's harder to master but is much more versatile especially from an artistic point of view. A good quality product gives a more natural looking enhancement. If I had to name a downside it would be the smell, it doesn't bother me personally, I love it.
I think one of the nicest points regarding L&P (I use Retention +) is that it produces beautiful natural looking nail enhancements. After every rebalance the enhancements look like the original set with fabulous clarity.

I can't really comment on Gel as, other than Anna's of Toronto, I've yet to see a decent set. They usually look wibbly wobbly :!: However, I remain open minded and await the day ;)

Having just received the Fabric kit, I now need to spend a bit of time playing with it, but at the moment am pretty impressed with it especially if it lives up to full expectations. However, not so sure that it will be as versatile as good old L&P.

Kathryn said:
what are the main problems in using it and is it still as popular as ever?

Hi Kat - welcome to the board! to answer the above - what are the main problems... I would say that specifically, no matter what system you use - if you use it correctly along manufactures guide lines and safely - there should be no problems. :boom:

However, due to 'dodgy education', companies selling direct etc :cus: , teks still do L+P thick (more likely to cause natural nail damage if broken), many companies do not teach to keep the brush on the nail plate only (when touching soft tissue, can lead to over-exposure leading to allergic reaction) - can look bl**dy awful if tek has not had a decent trainer to explain and guide them through design of the enhancement, product placement and finishing etc. I will bring up one more time :shock: the step-by-step in Nails+ March issue as a PERFECT example of this!

Odour of the monomer is I would think the main negative - many people love the smell but some don't and some don't know how to keep it to a minimum (very easy when you have metal bins and keep tops on bottles or dappen dishes when not in use)!! :thumbsup:

Anyway knowing me I will be digressing :hit: - yes I think L+P is still as popular if not more so - Gels are buzzing too at the moment I think mainly because of the coloured gels etc, quiet a few new Gel companies operating etc but I think we can asuume that L+P is definitely number 1 in the system catagories! ;)
Acrylic is....


to put it in a nutshell!!!!! :rolleyes: :D
I've not long being doing L&P and it was the last of the 3 systems that I actually trained in. The one thing that always put me off was the smell :pukeoff: which always left me feeling pretty ill!!! But now working with it I can't actually smell it.

I've also found that the vast majority of my clients have converted to L&P :D as they are incredibly strong compared to fibreglass and gel. Gel can also be strong but you have to apply it very thick which can burn :( or apply lots of layers which takes a long time and look a bit grim :pale:.

I absolutely love L&P and I've got a whole wedding party coming in tonight and tomorrow :morn: who are all going to have L&P :D

That's it I'm doing no more talking (or typing) :D
Liquid and powder. I currently use TT , and Easy Flow. I agree that it (L & P) has remained super popular to clients since I was 1st licensed in the mid 80's. It is strong, durable, flexible and the industry's
main money maker in terms of enhancements.
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