Liz McKeon?


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May 17, 2009
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Hi. Anybody brought any Liz mckeon seminars or courses?
I'm looking at 10 steps to business success and the success circle. What's the difference? Iv watched all the YouTube and mini adverts and love her! Just wondered if anyone has both to compare? Or can help me with the difference. Thanks. Xxx
I just got her book 30 days to salon success, so far so good! I've spoken to her over Facebook and on the phone she seems lovely. Defo worth following on FB.
Yes I got the book and the Christmas marketing webinar
I keep watching the adverts. I think il go for the success circle as there looks more in it. I have been thinking of doing a business course like a level 4. Does anybody know if this is similar? Xx
Hi All,

I have been to a couple of seminars by Liz and also worked a little with her when she was at Beauty Business Owners Magazine. She is fantastic, really knows her stuff, always over-delivers and genuinely cares about helping people.

I honestly couldn't recommend her enough. If you are thinking about taking any of her courses . . . just do it. I can almost guarantee you will be happy you did!


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