Looking after other people's children, as a living


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
I am thinking of doing childminding, as a way to be with my children so I can work less weekends but still do a bit of beauty.

Now I have a question for anyone who could help me here. I have a lady who wants me to have her children for her whilst shes at work. I've said I will on a part time basis.

Tried ringing the council all day for past three days, but the lady I need to speak to is never there.

Does anyone know: do I have to be a registered childminder or can I be a nanny? what insurance do I need etc?

I am a mum of two love children to bits, and know these two very well as they are a friend of my sons.

I'm sure it would work out well but I need to know legally where I stand

Thought I'd ask anyone who has worked with children before

I have a full CRB check from working at a council and working with children.

any advice would be appreciated xxx
I'm speaking as a mum whose children were childminded...... You do need to be registered to childmind these children even though they are the kids of a friend. You will need to put a contract in place, mine was a standard contract from the National Childminding Association. Your contract will cover hours worked, payment method and frequency,collection and drop off arrangements, food, trips, discipline..... You will need insurance and to make sure your car insurance included the minded children.

You will need to be inspected before you can be approved and will be regulated by OFSTED.

If you are having the children in your house you have to be a regustered childminder. If you are nannying you work in the house the children live in.

If I think of anything else I'll add it, but I had a fantastic childminder and it was only that peace of mind that enabled me to work comfortably knowing my kids were happy......

Thanks for that, I'd like to do it the right way.

I do want to get registered so will pursue it through the council. Once I get hold of that damn woman that is!!

Thanks again,


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