Looking For A Mobile Qualified Hairdresser/Micro Loop Extentionist In Glasgow


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Apr 8, 2012
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Hi there i am currently looking for a Fully Qualified Mobile Hair Dresser & Or Extentionist ...

Looking to have my hair coloured to match one of the remy hair colours and have a full head of micro ring extentions fitted and supplied.

If you could get back to me with a rough idea of prices etc that would be great :D !

had a few quotes already but ideally would not want to pay more than £200 - £300 all in thanks !!

Needs to be posted in another forum or consumers. I also think you are going to really struggle to get all that done for under £300, when I do my extension course my prices will start at £250 for fitting, my colouring prices start at £45 so it would be a push then.
I'd say budget up to £500 for everything done by an experienced hairdresser.
Also, a location would help when re posted in the consumer section hun xoxo
lol i said in glasgow ....
Shame u live so far away as I know someone who charges £260 for full head and half head £180 x
that is a shame :(

had a few quotes at £200 for the extentions but ideally looking to get my colour and extentions done by the same person :| x
I have emailed you a girl that does x

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