Looking for a nail geek from Swindon please!


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amber tan

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Oct 19, 2007
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Swindon Wilts
Hi, not sure if this is where i am supposed to post this, but i am looking for a nail geek who lives in Swindon. How would be the quikest way to find her on this site.
i would put...all nail geeks in swindon,blar,blar,blar...could you pm me please xx
Hi huni thanks for that great wax today and super tips much appreciated you tanning waxing nail tipping bird you.

Right if you click on the search at the top of the page and then enter swindon into the bottom field just above advanced search you should be able to find people from swindon there. Hope that makes sense.... call me otherwise and I'll talk you through it

bye for now
thats not really the right way but found someone for you there anyway have a look hon xxx sorry darling not sure if I was helpful in the end :lol:
Fanks u little Minkey.
Vetty is in Swindon, she's a fulll time mobile nail technician and a very fab one at that :D

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