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Jul 19, 2004
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Hi, can anyone out there help me out at all.
i am looking into either getting a job in a nail salon or going all out and setting up in business myself and wondered if anyone out there could advise me on a few things.
I have already gained a diploma in advanced nail techniques but i would like to know what other qualifications i should look at aquiring, also, i assume that these qualifications would differ if i was to go into business myself, so could anybody out there already in business for themselves be kind enough to point me in the right direction. i am currently taking a course in airbrushing and acrylic sculpting as i would like to add these to my knowledge base, so if anyone has any views or advice on these it would also be welcome.

Basically, apart from the diploma im starting from scratch here guy's, so any advice i can get will be a help.

I look forward to the flood of replies

Many thanks
C'mon people.......... I spent ages last night typing an email to Tracy telling her about this site and how much help she will get from you guys!!!!! ;)
hi tracy, thought i would reply even though i too am new! i asked a similar question as i too had gotten an essential nails diploma and wasnt sure if good enough. i was basically advised to practice and get efficient in what id already learnt, then build on this when "up and running" i was also advised to purchase a good reference book like Encyclopedia of Nails to help me along. Hope this helps a tiny bit, i know exactly how you feel as i too am eager to learn everything!!!
cashflow, cashflow, cashflow (relistic as well) followed by location, location, location

Do the sums and then re-do them and be totally realistic and under forecast. Dont be to ambitious sort of shoot for the moon but reach for the stars.

If you find you are short of funding depending on your age you can get help form the princes trust (they helped me) and of course a bank, who can often help in a shortfall if you have funding from elsewhere. Check out your local busniss link as they can often help with information of your feild of work, help with your budgets and forecast and can tell you what funding may be available in the way of start up loans or even grants.

I feel that location is vital, is there nearby parking, is it central, what is the average female populations age, are there steps, how many tables ecte cte ct. Also check out the competition in all asepects, be it salon or mobile and what is in nearby towns. Go in and have a look at the salon how it is laid out what products they use, know everything and anything you can about your area. Talk to local traders and get a feel for the spending power.

After setting your budget STICK TO IT! Dont get tempted to by the latest fad or craze just coz a salesmen tells you you will make a huge return, walk before you can run so to speak, build your client base and then start spreading your wings a bit.

Hope some of that helps, above all listen to what you want to do and dont rely on the enthusiam of others around you as at the end of the day YOU have to pay the bills.

When I went into business loads of people said how fantastic it was, how they couldnt wait for the shop to open and it was about time there wasa lingerie shop in town, to this day five years on they havnt once walked through the door.

Be careful, be honest and be strict with yourself, it's an exciting time and you can so easily get carried away.

I wish you the best of luck, enjoy it hun x
:) Thanks for the advice i have been given, at the moment i need all the help i can get.
One more thing,can anybody advise me on whether im better to go the salon route or set myself up as a mobile, Also can anybody tell me if Gina Wallace's courses are either industry recognised or just good for training.
I started off mobile at first then a studio at home, now i work in a salon and from home....At least with the salon you have other people with you, if you need advice there's always some one on hand..!

Good luck xx

Wallis said:
:) Thanks for the advice i have been given, at the moment i need all the help i can get.
One more thing,can anybody advise me on whether im better to go the salon route or set myself up as a mobile, Also can anybody tell me if Gina Wallace's courses are either industry recognised or just good for training.
Hiya Tracy,
I would say depending on what product you are going to use, Do some training using that product. This in Creatives case comes in the form of a conversion course. I would then start to build up a client base, Say by going mobile to begin with. I think the key is education, Just keep up with all the new products and services that come along, The more you learn the better you will be at your job.
All the best
Hi Wallis,

I opened my own business in June and it has been absolutely manic! I had been working from home for over a year, and had a few regular clients, but the number kept creeping up and it got too much so i decided to take the plunge. I would advise you to get as many quals as you can. In the past 3 years i have gained a mani/pedi certificate, diploma in advanced nail techniques, beauty therapy level two/ and level three, nail art qualification, ear piercing diploma, dermalogica facial treatment training, and body treatment day training, camouflague make-up, creative conversion course! Just a few to mention! Not bad for someone who left school at 15 without one single GCSE! I have also booked my three masters classes and masters day, so am fairly busy. After that i will do the brisa course and an airbrushing course. So basically i would advise you to get as many courses done as you can. I approached my bank manager who gave me a loan ( quite easily too!) and set a budget for decoration for the premises i had found, equipment needed and stock. I have been up and running for about 6 weeks now and appointments for nail enhancements are fully booked two weeks in advance, so i must be doing something right!!! Oh and its bloody hard work, i do 10-11 hour days, and with my 2 kiddies and a house to run its pretty manic, but it is posible if you set your mind to it!
Good luck!

Michelle xx

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