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Feb 25, 2016
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Las Vegas
I've had this dream of owning my own business for quit some time now and fell in love with the idea of opening up a mobile tanning business once I learned how inexpensive it really is to get started. After months of research trying to find the right fit for me I came across a company by the name of Fantasy Tan and immediately liked what they had to offer, medical grade equipment, 5 different solutions that you can mix, training directly to you and the promise of not turning your clients orange! I emailed them for more information and was contacted by Lissette Diaz, after speaking to her I was sold! Yes, of course this wasn't a system you could purchase on-line for a couple of hundred bucks, but I thought of the bigger picture for my business and wanted to do right by my clients. It took about a year after the initial contact. Lissette was great, she stayed in touch for a year until I was ready to move forward. I officially opened The Tan Tan Room in October, 2015 in Las Vegas and in just 4 short months have had great success. My clients love how I have a spray gun for the bulk of the body and an airbrush for the face, hands & feet. They love how I mix their color right in front of them, most say they are used to a one color fits all, and this is furthest from the truth! Every individual is different and not all want to be dark, some just look for the 'glow'. I also get how pleasant the smell is and it doesn't smell like you just stepped out of a tanning bed. I also loved how they traveled directly to me, in my home to get trained and certified. The whole process has been amazing and Lissette still stays in contact to insure I'm doing everything possible to be successful in my business. It's not like I made the purchase and they disappeared! The whole staff is amazing! I would highly, highly recommend Fantasy Tan to anyone who is serious about a long term business. I'm very blessed to have found them.

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