loreal 10.13 a nice colour?


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May 19, 2010
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shaftesbury dorset
Hi, does anyone know if the loreal 10.13 beige blonde looks nice as I cant really tell on my colour chart, I am trying to match up my clients previously coloured hair and it looks like that colour and she doesnt mind it going a bit darker but looks like if she has a 10 on it and with a bit of ash and with a bit of gold tones so will the 10.13 look nice on her hair? i am doing a strand test when the colour arrives it just i dunno if the colour is nice.
Hi, I use the /13 range in the NXT , lovely beige colours and very popular with clients. 10/13 gives a slight tonal difference if used on blonde hair as its a light blonde and the 8/13 and 7/13 give a much richer contrast.
Hey, thanks for replying, I tested the clients hair and didn't change so it was her colour match, it's a very light blonde with bits of gold tones. I am going to retouch her roots with 20vol as she has grey hair and then refresh her ends.

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