Luo color po advice please


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Nov 14, 2015
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North east uk
Hi all

I have the releaser and a tube of po I was wondering will the realeaser affect the natural hair colour if I apply as a toner? As its for highlights

Thanks xxxx
Anyone use this?
Yes it will lift the natural hair
Thank you [emoji8] I had a slight feeling it would,am wanting to use it as a toner,will I be able to use is with pastel developer? To tone or is it just the releaser it has to be used with,I use wella normally and a clients likes the po colour
Even if you were to mix it with a lower strength developer it will create warmth, because of the ammonia in the product. I only tone with luo on full head prelighteners, or if I want to break the base on highlighted hair.
Aw thank you so much for your help! Think I'll stick with me wella and just save this for when I really need it [emoji16]

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