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Aug 28, 2010
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Whenever I do a shoot or make-up lesson I seem to doing MAC and Bobbi Brown a favour selling their product for them but ive realised im missing a trick here..:irked:

Does anyone know a REALLY GOOD make up brand I can access as a professional and sell to my clients?:)

Ive been looking and looking and they are either too big a company for little old me and want me to buy £10,000 of stock or their products are a bit hit and miss. BUT ive seen salons start to sell make up (cheap looking stuff) with rubbish names and I want to get one with a good name that wont be sold in the local hairdressers...:rolleyes:

hellllllllllp xx
I think Art Deco is the most recommended quality brand on here.
We use and stock Jane Iredale.
Another professional brand to look at is Cozmetic Lab
Cosmetic Lab
Art Deco is actually a good brand I used it in the last salon I worked and clients seemed to buy alot of products.

Currently using Jane Iredale and thats just fab!
Have a look on their website
Artdeco for me! Go on the search bit there is loads on there that might help you :)
Defff artdeco :) its what i use, sometimezss

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