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Jul 1, 2011
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South East
Can anyone recommend the best brand of bronzer? I've got dark hair and yellow tones in my skin but tanned so I want something that doesn't look orange or muddy, any recommendations would be great xx
I am yellow toned too, but pale. I use a Bobbi Brown bronzer (the lightest one) and I really like it, no orangeyness! It does have shimmer in though so it depends if you're looking for a shimmery bronzer or a matte?

I sure I remember hearing that the new M&S bronzers are matte, I keep meaning to go have a look and test some of their new stuff out.

You need to try a few out on yourself really. Everyone's skin tone is so different, it's hard to recommend one.
Nars Laguna is my favourite :)
Thank you girls Nars was the one I was thinking of as I've tried benefit hoola and guerlains brunettes bronzer, nars do a darker shade called casino, have any of ou tried it? Xx
Nars is always a favourite but i found one at a much more reasonable price and is very similar, its the H&M own brand make up bronzer and its really good!
Nars laguna bronzer
I have yellow tones too & I swear by Becca Minereal Bronzer - nicest I have ever come across, def not orange xox

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