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Sep 6, 2006
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I have just enroled on a make up course, I am so excited!
I know when I start I will get a list of everything I need to get me started but I was just wondering what costs I will be looking at, just want to prepare myself?! Do you need a mass of things when your just starting up?

Also does anyone know any good suppliers I can get some catalogues from that are quite affordable for this new student!!! Thank you for reading everyone, hope you are all well x x x

what type of makeup course is it?

usually the college will supply the kit that you pay for or you will get a list of the items you need
The lady said they do supply a kit but in her opinion "its over priced and not worth the money" and I'd be "better off shopping around " to find something better! I have a friend who completed the course last year that has assured me the college course is good quality but the products they use are not the best, this is true of the waxing kit as well apparently! x x
You should definitely invest in a set of good quality brushes which should last you a while.
Makeup brush cleaner.
either makeup brush or sponges to apply your foundation.
2 powder puffs to apply your powder, so one is always clean.
a few lipsticks, you can mix to get colour you want. i think red, pink, brown...
mascara - brown and black
must have matte eyeshadows - black, white or off-white/cream, brown, maybe a pinky colour that can double as blusher (depends on products you are using)
blusher. you can also use good black shadow to line eyes and brown to fill brows.
foundations - hmm tricky depending on what you forever is supposed to be good. you dont need every colour either, u can mix liquid foundations.
colour corrector (optional) for now at least

To be honest you dont need to fill your box to the brim, its expensive too, and as you go along in your course you will learn about makeup. when you are finished you will try new products out and have a feel for it.

im sure the other geeks will help you out.
personally i have never bought a college kit as i usually find them to be very pricey and they don't always have all the items you need

in particular i have always found that makeup college kits don't have enough foundations for darker skins

invest in a good set of brushes as they will prove an asset, i recommend the bodyshop ones as they are reasonably priced and are lovely to use

when i done my cosmetic makeup course i used a variety of makeup brands such as rimmel, loreal, maybelline, max factor etc. i didn't have alot of cash to spend and i knew that i would invest in a better product line later on
Thank you everyone for your advice, I can't wait to get started now! Are there any websites for suppliers to I can get an idea of prices?

Thank you again x x
One thing I would invest in is good brushes. Crown brushes do some fantastic ones (they had a stand at both Professional Beauty at Excel in Feb and at Olympia Beauty in May). When I did my make up course at London School of Beauty and Make Up I felt obliged to buy their brush kit at £100 but if I'd known about Crown I would have saved a fortune.

Crownbrush ­ Millions Of Brushes At Your Fingertips

Also, if you go onto the MAC Cosmetics website you'll see all of their prices - I use them because they are fantastic quality and are not overpriced.

Have fun getting your kit together!
Thank you, That websites great x x

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